Flexibility to ensure seamless object detection in varied weather, environments, geographies, locations, objects, sensor mode & data, sensor mounting & pose, and end applications.


Our focus is on providing accurate results. We ensure highest levels of accuracy & precision for object detection, classification and tracking.


Guarantee of trustworthy object detection even in adversarial, real world corner cases which include occlusions and partial visibility, low reflectivity, noise and artifacts in sensor measurements as well as uncommon objects and poses.

Solving real world automation with 3D perception

Who are We

Cron AI is a deep tech company specializing in 3D sensor perception. 
At the forefront of our innovation lies senseEDGE, an innovative deep learning first perception platform. senseEDGE unlocks the true potential of raw data from 3D sensors like lidars and provides unparalleled accuracy in object detection, classification, and tracking.  In the real world’s chaos, senseEDGE prevails, consistently providing dependable object data. It navigates complexity with precision, even in high density real world environments, setting new standards for reliability in 3D perception.


Deployability - Simplified Implementation: Quick Deployment for Any Scenario

Experience effortless deployment in minutes, not days, with our smart implementation tools cutting down deployment costs and time significantly.

Scalability - Effortless Expansion: Remote Deployment with senseLink Tools

Effortlessly deploy hundreds of sensors remotely with our advanced senseLink tools. Revolutionize scalability as you expand your reach, enhancing efficiency and impact.

Accessible Deep Learning Perception for All Industries

Intelligent Transport Systems

Smart Cities & Spaces

Industrial Automation


Autonomous Mobility

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