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Starter Kits are available now

3D data perception platform for autonomous machines

Next Generation of Perception to Accelerate Autonomy


Accuracy & Richness:
    High Precision
    Rich Object Information

Robust & Adaptive:
    Robust out of the box
    Adaptivity to sensor make and performance
    Adaptivity to environment
    Adaptivity to application requirements

Embedded Ready:
   Architectured for enhanced embedded      performance
  Starter kits available now

Democratising Deep learning enabled Perception across Industries

Autonomous Mobility

Autonomous Driving & Automotive
L2 / L3
Autonomous Trucking
Commercial Delivery

       Off Highway Autonomous Driving

Intelligent Transport Systems

Vision Zero
Traffic Management
Stop Vehicle Detection
Worker Safety

Smart Cities & Spaces


People and Pedestrian flow management
Retail Journey and Unit Footfall
Dwell Time
Overcrowding & Long queue management
Airports / Other Travel Hub Management

Industrial Automation


Robotic Automation
Worker Safety
Port Automation
Warehouse Automation
Manufacturing Automation



Outdoor Security
Indoor Security
Access Control

For testing, Showing how it will look later

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Cron AI is a deep tech, 3D perception platform for autonomous machines.

Starter Kits are available now