Unlock LiDAR with perception

Explore the power of Cron AI software solutions that precisely identify, classify, and track a diverse array of objects in 3D sensor data. Our innovative perception platform senseEDGE empowers you to implement everything from flexible, movable single-sensor solutions that is deployed within seconds, to expansive solutions covering vast areas, whether within a building or across city intersections.

Our Unique Edge

Unmatched Accuracy

At the core of senseEDGE lies uncompromising accuracy and precision. In real-world scenarios filled with complexities like high density of objects, occlusions, partial visibility, low reflectivity, noise, and unconventional objects and poses, senseEDGE excels in providing highly accurate detection, classification, and tracking of objects.

Rapid Time to Market

senseEDGE is a flexible perception system that adapts effortlessly to any end user application out of the box without compromising accuracy; be it different sensor models, types, data, modes, mounting configurations or deployment locations. This reduces the time to market for our customers.

Cost-Efficient Deployment

senseEDGE not only ensures high accuracy and unmatched fidelity but also offers a suite of automated tools for deployment. These tools simplify the deployment of hundreds of sensors, minimising manual configurations and fine tuning. This streamlined approach reduces deployment costs & time. Moreover, senseEDGE is designed for embedded edge use from inception, making it compatible with multiple low-power embedded DL accelerators.

Robustness in Adversarial Conditions

In challenging, adversarial conditions, senseEDGE stands strong. Whether it’s rain, snow, mist, fog, or noise, senseEDGE adapts and maintains robust performance. Yet, in the face of harshest conditions, it gracefully degrades its performance and raises alarms.

Information Level Sensor Fusion

Our patented information-level fusion transcends sensor boundaries. It seamlessly fuses information from multiple lidars, lidars combined with HD radars, and even lidars paired with cameras, providing high-fidelity sensor fusion.

Safety & Interpretability

senseEDGE goes beyond accurate detections to evaluate its own performance by determining how sure it is about its detections and how long it has that level of surety. It also provides secondary outputs to you to cross-verify senseEDGE’s performance at any given moment.

Automated Driving Time Horizons

Objects in the real world are dynamic; they have intent, goals, behaviors, and interact with each other. senseEDGE enables longer time horizons for automated driving and steering by giving information about object dynamics, visibility, motion and intent.

Sensor Freedom Awaits

Enjoy seamless integration with lidar of your choice and some HD radars
Our Unique Edge

Harness the true power of 3D Data

Object Tracking

No personal Identification Information (PII) is captured yet every object is tracked with a unique ID that remains consistent as it moves through the space over time.

Object Location

Each unique object’s location / position is reported with unmatched accuracy as the object moves through space over time along with the confidence in determining it.

Object Dimension

Each unique object’s size and dimensions are reported with unmatched accuracy.

Object Orientation

senseEDGE reports the orientation of each unique object in the space at that instant along with its confidence in determining it.

Object Classification

Each unique object detected is classified if it is a pedestrian, vehicle, two wheeler, bus or lorry along with other attributes and the confidence level in the classification.

Object Velocity

senseEDGE has a unique capability of determining each unique object’s speed and direction along with its confidence in determining it but also estimating how likely it is to move in future.

Object Maturity

senseEDGE also reports for how long has an object been visible and detected and how confident is it in overall detection of the object

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