Make Solutions Seamless with advanced 3D Perception

At Cron AI, we don’t just provide solutions; we build ecosystems that redefine the way industries perceive and leverage 3D sensor technology. Our solutions seamlessly integrate into various domains, offering unparalleled insights and transforming the landscape of autonomy, security, and smart spaces.

Detect | Track | Classify

  • Persistent ID: 3D bounding boxes with unique, persistent IDs for reliable object tracking.
  • Comprehensive Classification: Accurate object type classification with precise Position & Orientation data.

3D Zones

  • Customizable Zones: Define and refine zones effortlessly for tailored applications.
  • Business Logic Integration: Empower users to create custom business logic, from polygon zones to alarms.

Anonymity Preserving

  • Best-in-Class Accuracy: Accurate tracking with mm-level precision while preserving anonymity.
  • Data Protection Compliance: Seamless compliance with data protection laws.

Sensor Freedom

  • Versatile Sensor Support: Cron AI solutions adapt to various lidar sensors, offering flexibility in price and performance.
  • HD Radar Integration: Future-ready with support for HD radar integration.

Solution Ecosystem

Transportation Hubs

Smart Cities, Spaces & Infrastructure

Security & Crowd Insights


Mobile Sensing