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3D data perception platform for autonomous machines

A Deep Learning First, Adaptive Approach



We are building a Deep learning first, artificially evolving, contextually aware edge platform architected to accelerate deep learning 3D sensing data”

Truly Agnostic

Our platform is sensor & application agnostic helping migrate traditional bottlenecks

Self Adapting

Artificially Evolving and Self learning from changing context

Self Optimizing

Self-optimising through deep learning on the edge


Optimal & adaptive Compute requirements for 3D data computation


What this means for the customer?

A Self-optimising, Deep Learning 3D data edge inference perception processing platform architected specifically to address the acceleration requirements of 3D sensing perception processing at the edge.

Universal performance with change in Sensor & Application

Perception techniques and computing architectures best suited to process 3D data. We remove the layer of choices customers have been forced to make even at the early design stage.

Data Efficiency

Our next generation DL enabled perception stack requires less than 1/10th labeled data compared to existing conventional stacks


Stability of the Perception Performance in a shifting Data Domain Out of the Box

Adaptivity to Domain and Context Shift

Ability to react to changes/shifts in the Data Domain in relation to the pre-trained behavior by adapting the way it operates in this changed data

Trust & higher levels of interpretability

The end customer can rely on our consistently reliable data that is rich and accurate to trust


Reliable | Consistent | Adaptive

Democratising Deep learning enabled Perception across Industries

Autonomous Mobility

High-quality, real-time contextual data about objects that move and interact on roads, including vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and other road users.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Improving the quality of life means adding hours spent in commute back to enriching lives. Connected, ITS can help optimise the way we travel. Our system equips its end applications with reliable, consistent and truly adaptive insights into traffic flow/accident/construction sites/ pedestrians at the lights/crosswalks.

Smart Cities & Spaces

Enhanced deep learning-enabled perception solution for 3D point cloud data on the sensing edge to achieve an unprecedented level of safety, manage people and vehicle flow of space or city

Robotic Automation

DL first, novel algorithms to ensure the safe movement through dynamic, changing environments like material handling and warehouse logistics.


Monitor perimeters and critical infrastructure to build an invisible line of security; derive gaze, gait, poise information from the 3D sensor. Real-time location information to detect, track and classify breaches.

For testing, Showing how it will look later

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Cron AI is a deep tech, 3D perception platform for autonomous machines.

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